About FourStar LED

FourStar LED, a Lightboard Technologies company, builds on our commitment to provide our customers with innovative LED lighting products and solutions for retail displays. For backlighting, the Optix170™ lighting system, with its unique wide-angle lenses, delivers bright and even light within a shallow frame. For edge-lighting, the TresMate Edge-lighting System allows the user to simply and securely build customized strips without soldering.

LightBoard Technologies is now offering the optix170™ LED lighting system from FourStar LED for backlighting applications. These powerful and cost effective lights are lightweight, easy to install, and perfect for backlighting lower profile light boxes – less than half as deep as typically required for proper light diffusion. They offer user customization to achieve optimal performance for unique configurations.

tresmat-logo-large TrésMate™ LED Edge-lighting system combines one of the brightest flexible 5mm strips with a patent-pending solderless connector. This unique commercial-grade system is specially designed for .220”+ edge-lit displays. These lights emit an impressive 110 lumens/watt and easily deliver the brightness needed to illuminate large lightguide panels.  

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